Talking Emoji

Have you heard anything about Talking Emoji? It is the next generation of Emoji. We all know Emoji is a kind of communication tool which is based on sticker faces. There are so many Emoji faces and it brings more updates with time. And it is available on both iDevices and Android devices. By the time Emoji was introduced, it was a new experience for all smartphone users. But Emoji has some limitations and those are, it cannot be customized and cannot be animated. But Emoji has a high choosing capacity because there are so many sticker faces to download. But overcoming Emoji’s limitations became very important to mobile developers. As a result, Talking Emoji was introduced to all smartphone lovers.

Talking Emoji

Foundation of Talking Emoji

Talking Emoji was introduced by Apple Company with their latest iDevice which is the iPhone X. Talking Emoji represent animated Emoji faces. Those are 3D type stickers. Nowadays most of the people use iDevices. So Apple developers wanted to give some new technology to their potential and current customers. This New Emoji was introduced as a result and it is a totally new technology and it can be identified as the revolution of mobile communication.

When talking about iPhone X, it is the best mobile phone ever built by the Apple Company. Because there are a lot of new technologies which came out with it. But the face detection camera and Talking Emoji take the first place among them because customers warmly accepted those new technologies. There are 16 cool Talking Emoji faces and Apple developers hope to introduce more faces to the list with the upcoming updates. Then the user’s choosing capacity will be enhanced.

How to create Talking Emoji

Creation of Talking Emoji is a simple process and anyone can follow it easily. For the task, the user can find this feature in iMessages. Then the user can see the list of Talking Emoji faces. And he can choose one of them and then the face detection camera of iPhone X automatically starts to track the user’s facial expressions. At that time, the user can make facial expressions and make mouth movements according to the situation.

And there are voice messages too. For that, the user has to record the message while creating the Talking Emoji. If the user wants to save these Talking Emoji faces he/she can save those to photos app of iPhone and use it again. Talking Emoji takes conversations to an interesting level and it reduces the time cost and avoids long written massages.