The latest communication technology is called as Animoji. It was introduced by the Apple Company. Now a day’s most of the people use iDevices. So Apple developers add a lot of new features to their iPhones. When it comes to Animoji, it came with iPhone X. And it is available only in iPhone X.  Therefore Animoji makes additional value to the latest iPhone X. Thus Animoji adds a uniqueness to the new iPhone X.


Emoji can be identified as a sticker type of communication tool. And it was a revolution when it was introduced. Because it was a cool and new communication mode. Emoji avoided the long written massages and it made mobile conversations more enjoyable. Actually, it was a marvellous technology which was available on both iPhone and Android phones. But there were some limitations that Emoji could not overcome. Emojis could not be customized because they were already created by the developer. For this reason, sometimes Emoji became boring.


Advantages of Animoji over Emoji

There were some limitations to Emoji. But Animoji came overcoming those limits. Because iPhone X Animoji can be customized with the iPhone X face detection camera. Here the user’s facial expressions make the Animoji. So the user can communicate their actual inner feelings via Animoji. Animoji has 12 cool faces and all of these have different personalities. Alien, Cat, and Chicken and Unicorn are some popular faces.

Apple Company hopes to add four more Animoji faces with iOS 11.3. Then all together there will be 16 Animoji faces and user’s choosing capacity will be enhanced with it. Additional New Animoji faces are Bear, Dragon, Lion, and Skull. So the user can choose them as they wish. Apple Animoji is an animated 3D Emoji and it is very familiar to users because these Animoji faces are similar to Emoji faces. Animoji can be seen in full screen. So this is a real revolution in communication and this is very entertaining to users.

How to enjoy the Animoji

Animoji feature can be found in Apple message app of iPhone X. User can go there and select an Animoji face. Then the face detection camera starts to track the user’s facial expressions and start to animate the selected Animoji. Voice messages can also be added to an Animoji. To add the voice message the user has to record voice while creating the Animoji. And this kind of Animoji is called as ‘talking Animoji’. The user can see a preview of the created Animoji and send it to anyone. Also, this Animoji can be saved in Photo Gallery to use again.