The All New iPhone X

The All-New iPhone X is the best iPhone ever built by the Apple Company. The Apple developers have done a great job in developing this New iPhone X. The iPhone X consists of many amazing and advanced technologies and accessories. This new iPhone was released to the market on 3rd of November 2017 and still, the enthusiasm is rising for this iPhone. It is obvious that there is no other mobile phone which is more advanced and amazing than the New iPhone X. This value and the standards have created a unique image for the iPhone X. There are several unique and brand new feature in this iPhone and they are discussed below.

New iPhone X

The Face ID

This is one of the best and the main features of the New iPhone X. You cannot find this feature or a similar technology in any other mobile phone or mobile operating system. That is because only the iPhone X has the technologies and accessories needed for this feature. The Face ID was developed to unlock the new iPhone in an easy and a very secure way. Now the iPhone user’s face is the new secure password for the iPhone X. This Face ID is also used in Apple Pay. The face detection technology which is supported by the extraordinary true depth front camera and the depth-sensing technology is behind the Face ID. The importance is this technology can recognize its user’s face easily even after facial appearance changes and in the dark.

Extraordinary Display

The extraordinary display is another brand new feature of the New iPhone X. Actually, the front side of the iPhone X is all display. There are no any buttons. Even the home button is not there and the Face ID feature is there instead of the fingerprint unlock. This new display creates an amazing look for the new iPhone. Also, it is very interesting and easy to work with the new display. Creating an iPhone which is all display was actually a vision of the Apple Company. They could achieve it successfully with the New iPhone X.

New iPhone X Animoji

Animoji is one of the coolest and unique features of the New iPhone X. The Apple developers introduced Animoji as animated emojis. That means Animoji is something live and amazing than emojis. Actually, Animoji is a 3D animation of emoji faces that can be animated according to the facial movements and expressions of the Animoji user. There are a dozen iPhone X Animojis in the Apple Message app and you can select any of them according to your wish.

iPhone X Animoji

The best thing is the 12 animojis can be used in different situations based on their unique expressiveness. You can use Apple Animojis to send creative and expressive messages. The reason why Apple Animoji was developed is to create a platform to customize emojis. But with new Animoji you can do many things than creating customized emojis. Now you don’t have to type any boring messages. All you have to do is to record any Animoji with your voice and facial expressions. Then you can simply send it.

Stunning Cameras

Both front and the rear-facing cameras of the New iPhone X have been redesigned. The front camera has been developed with amazing features including advanced sensors. The front-facing true depth camera allows you to used Face ID by tracking and analyzing the iPhone user’s face. The depth sensing technology helps the front camera to recognize the iPhone X user’s face in every situation. On the other hand, the true depth front camera helps you to create expressive Animojis. Both the front and the rear facing cameras now have the portrait mode. And the rear camera system has dual cameras and it helps you to get amazing photos. Most importantly rear camera system has the new studio lighting feature. Here you have 5 awesome lighting effects.

new iPhone X

iOS 11 And A11 Bionic Chip

As the newest iOS version iOS 11 does a great job related to the New iPhone X. The brand new A11 bionic chip is a cool feature of the new iPhone and this chip is the first of its kind. It enhances the performance and the processing speed of the iPhone X like you never imagined. Since there is no Home button the new iOS 11 has come out with a lot of cool gestures. All those gestures are very user-friendly and it makes you interested to work with the New iPhone X. Simply this new operating system makes things a lot easier than ever before.