What is Minecraft?

Shulker Box
Shulker Box

Before knowing the Shulker Box, we should get to know about Minecraft. What is Minecraft? It is the most famous game nowadays. All the kids and game lovers are getting addict to the Minecraft. Are you a game lover? So this would be the best game for you. Here you can build your world with your creativity. You can design your home as your wish and also the background and the world too. This is a very interesting game. Because the game is trying to keep the reality while you building your world. You can feel the sunlight movements and how the day is going as real. Especially this is a square, box shapes based game. you can design every part of your world with this box shapes.

What is the Shulker Box?

As the Minecraft is based on square shapes, you need to create and handle square shapes. So Shulker Box is a creative one.
How to create this is explained here step by step. Follow these steps and you can easily craft Shulker Box in this way.
Shulker Box is like the heart in Minecraft. You can manage your inventory by creating this. Let’s see how to create a Sulker
Box. Following pictures and instructions will help you create it easily.

How to create a Shulker Box with Survival Mode?

First, you have to open the “crafting menu”. And you can see this 3*3 grid box.

As a second step, you can select items for your craft. Before starts the process, you need to select two Sulker Shells and one Sulker Chest and place them in the right positions. And the rights positions are followed.

First raw, the middlebox- Sulker Shell
Second raw, the middlebox- Sulker Chest
Third raw, the middlebox- Sulker Shell

Once after this process, you can see your Shulker Box in right.

Now you can move the creation to the Inventory easily. Now you have made a Shulker Box in Minecraft. Have fun with gaming this
awesome game.