The best application to create a bootable USB

Rufus is one of the easiest and successful utility to create bootable USB drives including USB pen drives, flash drives, memory sticks. You can use this application to install every major operating system such as Windows, Linux etc. Also, this is helpful for run low-level utilities, work on systems that don’t have an OS and flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS as well. The Rufus Download has very a simple booting process which anyone can create bootable USB devices so quickly. So this is the best USB booting application in nowadays in many ways.


Let’s boot your USB drive with Rufus app

Special note: –

You can use this app in both 32 bit and 64-bit versions. But it needs different requirements for each version. Well if you have a 32-bit version, you must have 1GB Ram and need to use 4GB USB device. If you are using the 64-bit version, then you need an 8GB USB device with 2GB Ram using one the PC. And also use an empty USB drive. Because the booting process will delete all the data on it.

Well, follow these simple steps to create your USB bootable.

  • Connect your USB drive to the computer.
  • Then got the official Rufus Download website and download the Rufus latest release.
  • After the downloading process it will automatically launch the app. but sometimes you need to launch the app manually. So when the app launch, it will connect with your USB drive.
  • Then the app will detect important settings and will set up automatically.
  • After a few moments, it will show up a message as “All the data on this USB will be destroyed”. Now you must accept this to forward to the booting process.
  • Then the Rufus bootable process will start by transferring the data to your USB device. This may take several minutes.

After a few moments, you can see a message as “Ready”. This means the Rufus booting process was successfully completed and you can use this device to install your operating system on the computer.