New Emoji for you

Are you fed up of boring long written messages? Do you want a new technology which you can convert a long written message to a tiny sticker format? Here is New Emoji for you. New Emoji is a new communication tool which can be used by both Android and iDevice users. New Emoji is a sticker and there are many different faces which are you can select according to your situation. With using this service you can avoid long conversations. At the same time, you can add some joyful moments to your chats.

New Emoj

The specialty of New Emoji

You can share your feelings using stickers which represent your moods. New Emoji save your valuable time and you can reply to your messages within a second. You can download and store your favourite sticker icons and avoid your un-favourite sticker icons. This service can be identified as the revolution of the communication. This is a third party service and everyone can download and use them. You can New Emoji service in mobile conversations, in social media commenting, and sharing stuff. Actually, this is a new experience for all mobile device lovers around the world.

New Emoji and Animoji

Animoji is the next generation of Emoji. Emoji represent a sticker icon only. But when it comes to Animoji, it is a 3D type sticker communication tool. Animoji can be customized as you want. It is the uniqueness of Animoji. But there is a bad news for Android users. Animoji works for only iPhone X. There are 16 different Animoji faces with different personalities. So you can select Animoji faces according to the situation and the personality of the receiver and you. New Emoji or else you can call Animoji, are the best communication tools ever. It reduces the time cost and makes your life easier. This would a totally new experience for you.