Are you familiar with iCloud Activation Lock?

Let’s find out what is it,

If you are an Apple phone user, you may know that having an iCloud account is compulsory to log into your Apple device. So you may already have an iCloud account in your Apple phone and familiar with it. Anyway, if you are going to purchase a new Apple device or wish to do so, this article will be very helpful for you. Here, we can identify iCloud has a special feature called iCloud Activation Lock which is designed to ensure the safety of the Apple devices. However, iCloud Activation Lock can be considered as a special precaution that the iOS system manufacturer has taken to prevent any external party logging into your device and using it without the user’s awareness.

iCloud Activation lock

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What are the functions performed by iCloud Activation Lock?

The key function of iCloud Activation Lock is to ensure the safety of your iOS device. Can you just imagine, what will happen to the photos, videos, and other important data in your phone if it goes to a wrong hand? However, if you are having an iDevice, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Mainly because, the first time you switch on your newly purchased iDevice, automatically the iCloud Activation Lock will be enabled. From there onwards, you will have to provide either Apple Id password or device password when logging into the device, erasing your device or re-activating your device. Therefore, even your iPhone is lost or got into the wrong hands, no one will be able to log into the device and use the phone without your permission.

Apart from that, iCloud Activation also helps you to detect your lost iDevice. Especially, when your device is lost and can’t find it, you will be able to track your device by using iCloud Activation Lock. So, simply what you have to do is, turn on the Lost Mode by using Find my iPhone on and through it, you can display a custom message on the screen by saying the device is lost and can also mention the way how to contact you.

What can you do if you forget your Apple ID or password?

There may be instances where you will forget your Apple ID or password and being unable to provide one of the above, you won’t be able to log into your own phone. Don’t be disappointed! If you forget the Apple ID, you can reset it from your device and if you forget your device password, you can reset it from the Apple ID.

Are there any issues related to iCloud Activation Lock?

Though iCloud Account Lock maintains the safety of your device, the issue with this is that, if you wanted to repair the device, you will have to sign out from the iCloud and erase all content and settings. Even if you decided to sell your phone, you will have to do the same because if not the new user will be unable to log into the device.

However, iCloud Activation Lock is a very worth feature which helps you to maintain the safety of your Apple device.

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