Pregnancy is a blessing every married couple wishing for. How To Check Pregnancy is a common question that is waiting for a baby. Specially who are waiting for their first baby. There are natural ways and also standard ways to do the pregnancy test.

You can go to your family doctor and do a urine test and confirm it. It is scientifically the most standard pregnancy test. And you can test your pregnancy scientifically at home too.

How To Check Pregnancy
How To Check Pregnancy

There are Pregnancy Strips to check your pregnancy. Remind to get 3 pcs of Pregnancy Strips and test three times and get the exact result. You can get your urine sample, if you can get in the morning it would be better. And insert the Pregnancy Strip to the urine and wait for 15 seconds. There will be two lines after 15 seconds if you are pregnant. But there is only one line after the test you are not pregnant yet. Please collect your urine to clean the bottle and do this test. With this Pregnancy Strips How To Check Pregnancy is not a problem. Because these Pregnancy Strips are sold for very reasonable prices.

Reliability of Pregnancy Test Results

Most of the time the Positive Results are reliable and Negative Results can be changed. You can check your pregnancy at least 3 times and get the average result. But still, you are getting negative results and you think that you are pregnant, you can wait a few more days and check again or meet your doctor. If you are getting Positive Results with the after the date of the due date you are conceived with 2 weeks.

If you are unable to find pregnancy strips, there are natural ways to know your pregnant. Here you can check your pregnant with natural ingredients that you can find at your home. There are 10 different natural tests that you can try at home.

Salt Pregnancy Test

Ingredients- Salt is a basic ingredient which is you can find in your kitchen. All you need is only salt and a sample of your urine sample. And make sure to get a clean glass to do the test.

Method- Collect your urine sample to the clean glass. Then you can add salt into the urine. Now you can wait for 3 minutes and see the reaction of the mixture.

Results- If you can see there is a creamy white clump it means you are pregnant.
If you can see no reaction with the mixture, you are not pregnant.

Sugar Pregnancy Test

Ingredients- All you need for the Sugar Pregnancy Test are Sugar and your first urine in the morning and a clean glass or bowl. You can very easily do your pregnancy test at home with sugar easily.

Method- Add a tablespoon of sugar to the bowl and add urine into the bowl then. Wait for 3 minutes to react to sugar with urine.

Results- If you are pregnant, you can see sugar foaming lumps in the mixture. If you are not pregnant you can see the sugar is dissolving in the urine. The reason for this the HCG present of the urine won’t let dissolve to sugar. And only the HCG hormone is present if a woman is pregnant.

Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test

Asian kitchen always has these amazing food ingredients in their kitchen. Wheat and Barley are geminating twice quickly in pregnant women’s urine. So let’s see how to do the test.

Ingredients- Wheat and Barley seeds and please collect your morning urine sample. And also you need a clean glass bowl to do the test.

Method- Add urine sample to the bowl. Then add the Wheat Seeds and Barley Seeds into that bowl. Now you have to wait for 2 days to germinate.

Results- If the seeds are germinated after two days your test is positive. You’re pregnant. If there is not geminated and not sprouted you are not pregnant.

Wine is also the best method to check your pregnancy. This is a very easy and simple pregnancy test.

Wine Pregnancy Test

Ingredients- For this test, you need the same amount of urine sample and any wine. And a clean glass.

Method- Add urine and wine into the glass in the same amount. And wait for a few minutes and observe it.

Results- If you can see there is a change in the color of the wine. That means you are pregnant. And if there are no color changes with the original color of the wine. You are not pregnant.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

This is the latest and trendy natural pregnancy test nowadays. For this, you can use only white toothpaste. Because if you use colored toothpaste the results can be varied. Because the colored toothpaste has chemicals and it can change the final results.

Ingredients-Two tablespoons of white toothpaste, morning urine sample, and clean glass for the test.

Method- Mix two tablespoons of toothpaste and one tablespoon of urine. And wait for a few minutes.

Results- If the mixture becomes to blue color, it means you are pregnant. And you are not pregnant if there are no changes with the toothpaste color.

Are Natural Pregnancy Tests accurate?

No. These natural pregnancy tests cannot trust 100%. But you can have the right results most of the time. So you can test your pregnancy with these natural tests and confirm the results by checking again scientifically.