Searching for a way to back up your mobile device before restoring it to factory settings? You are reading the most efficient article for you right now! So, Dr Fone backup and restore can be considered as such an amazing tool to solve your backup and restoring issues both at once. Want to know about more facts? Keep reading the article, you will find more interesting features!

Dr fone data backup &r restore

Which devices are compatible with Dr Fone backup and Restore?

You might have heard of different names of software that can backup and restore your mobile device. Yet, most of them are either specialized for iOS users or for Android or Windows ones.

Yet, Dr Fone backup and restore is a tool that is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Therefore, it is fully compatible with all the latest models of Apple devices including iOS 12. Also, it is supportive to Windows 10, 8, 7, or Mac 10, 1410.13 and etc.

How to get Dr Fone Backup and Restore?

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to get this amazing tool and tips on how to use it!

  • Download and install Dr Fone
  • Connect your iOS device/ Android device to a computer by using a USB cable
  • Select “Backup and Restore” tool from it and install it
  • Enable USB debugging mode on so that Dr Fone will easily find your device
  • Click on “Backup” or “Restore” and get your services done!

If any issue occurs during the process, there are always guides and, videos for you to check on the web and as well as in youtube!

What is unique with Dr Fone data backup and restore?

Since there are many data backup and restore tools and software, you may wish to know about what is unique with this Dr Fone Backup and Restore. Here are some of such unique features of it!


Dr Fone backup and restore is very easy and accessible to everyone because of this unique feature. Thus, with this feature, you can back up the data directly to your PC just with one click!

Availability of a preview of data

This feature will offer you to preview backup files of your device and by selecting from them, you can restore the data that you intend to do so.

Safety is ensured

Dr Fone backup and restore is totally a read-only tool. Thus, it ensures the safety of your device and the data, because it will not keep, modify or leak your data at any point. So, simply only you can access your data and the safety is reassured.

No data loss will Occur

By using Dr Fone Backup and Restore, you will not have to face any data loss on your device as Dr Fone guarantees that for you.

Apart from these unique features, Dr Fone Backup and Restore has become the most famous and reliable source of data backup and restore in the software industry now!

So, why don’t you get this marvelous Dr Fone Backup and Restore and experience it by yourself? Also, do not forget to share your thoughts with us!