What is Digital Marketing?

Technically, Digital Marketing is promoting and marketing products, services or brands through one or more forms of digital media. In other words, marketing communication through digital tools. Today every individual and companies are involved with any kind of a Digital Marketing activity. Through this, companies try to attract, engage and convert consumers into an online marketplace.

Day by day everything is becoming virtual with this effect. This conversion of the society has resulted in creating and developing Digital Marketing concepts. Digital Marketing can be done through the internet or any digital media. Even mobile apps and text messages fall under this. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, content marketing social media marketing and online advertisements are some main methods of Digital Marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers a huge area than traditional marketing. Most Digital Marketing processes, software, tasks, and strategies are automated. Digital or online market is much bigger and complicated than the traditional market. Because when you enter the online market you connect with the whole world. Not just the local consumers or audience. On the other hand, this marketing trend concerns more on customers and build relationships.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to Digital Marketing, the sky is the limit. Because you can have thousands of different customers and different target markets to cater. Marketing is the communication tool of a business. And Digital Marketing has provided a perfect platform for marketing communication. This Digital Marketing concept is more or less the same as internet marketing. Today with the rapid development of the technology, both consumers, as well as businesses, uses online platform. Especially due to the usage of social media and the availability of internet resources.

Generally, all online businesses do online marketing irrespective of their size, field or financial strength. Here are some pros and cons of Digital Marketing.


  • A massive and growing target market
  • Huge variety of customers
  • Easy to control
  • Saves time
  • Effective and mass communication
  • Customer relationship marketing
  • Foreign products and services
  • Foreign technology
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Cost reduction by being virtual
  • Automated services
  • Analytical tools
  • A lot of data and information


  • Not materialistic
  • Security issues
  • Technical errors
  • High competition
  • Lack of knowledge
  • More complicated than traditional marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the strong and widely spread types of Digital Marketing. Search engine optimization is optimizing or ranking a website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This process should be carefully planned and executed. The intention of SEO is to increase the visitors to your website. And that will expose your company to a large group of people.

The search engine is responsible for ranking your website. They do it based on the keywords, quality and the suitability of the content to the keyword and topic. Therefore you should create your website with quality content and with selected specific keywords.

In doing this Google AdWords tool is a must. AdWords will provide analyzed details about the related keyword for your business and search volume of those keywords. Then you can create your website and blogs based on the keywords. Other than that you need to do some technical tactics such as backlinks. Most importantly this is the most cost effective method to market your products.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the biggest trends in the present world. And it is affecting everyone’s life at every angle. Even this is a great platform for online marketers. So what do we mean by social media marketing? Simply social media is a pool of different target consumers. Using those social media platforms, apps and websites to do marketing campaigns, and to promote products and services are known as social media marketing. For an example Facebook and Instagram.

Companies take details about the social media users from particular social media websites or companies. Then the companies develop strategies and campaigns to reach their target market through social media. This is an effective and an easy Digital Marketing method to reach the target customers. Because you can easily identify the target groups, their behaviour, requirements, thinking pattern and many more insights. Through social media marketing, marketers reach both existing and potential customers.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not done by the company itself but by a third party. Usually, large companies practice affiliate marketing and the company can have any number of affiliates. The intention of affiliate marketing is to promote their brand or products and attract more customers. Here the company does not have to do the hard working as it is outsourced to affiliated third parties.

Firstly companies recruit affiliates according to company policies. Then the affiliates work on marketing and promoting brands, products and services through their websites and other Digital Marketing methods. Then the affiliates are paid commissions if a sale happened through their affiliate links. Individuals can get affiliated with any number of companies. And this is a performance-based marketing method.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In SEM companies pay a certain amount to search engines such as Google and Yahoo for doing company’s marketing. One thing is companies can rank their official websites and other related website and pages in search engine results. So that the company website is the first result a person gets for his search.

People search using keywords. Therefore search engines show results based on keywords and content. In ranking, business websites in search engine marketing these keywords are very important to identify the correct target market. And also direct advertisements also can be taken as SEM

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

This is a common Digital Marketing method. When you got a website sometimes you can see advertisements displayed on pages and posts. Simply they are pay per click advertisements. Companies display ads on selected third party websites. This is done through search engines or sometimes directly with third parties. And companies pay these parties for advertising. Mostly with social media websites you can see these kinds of ads and promotions. Those ads and promotions are displayed for target groups of those particular products and services.

What search engines do is, they post those advertisements on selected websites. And pay the website owners when those advertisements are clicked. Website owners should apply to their website to get advertisements. For an example Google AdSense. Here google post advertisements on third party website based on keywords and related blogs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a sustainable way to do Digital Marketing communication. This is done by providing quality information to the target groups. Information and contents can be published via YouTube, social media and mainly by blog post. Companies do content marketing to fulfil many objectives. Make awareness and willingness about their products and services, attract potential customs, providing solutions for customer problems and expand the target group are some such objectives.

When true and quality information is provided freely potential and existing customer automatically get attracted. On the other hand, content marketing is a good way to develop and maintain customer relationships. Because the customer relationship is one of the key areas in sales and marketing.

Email Marketing

Sending commercial emails to existing and potential customers is known as email marketing. Through emails advertisements, new product information, promotional information and other marketing information is sent to customers individually.

This is a good way to interact with the customers and to build up customer relationships. In the form of after-sales services, you can do email marketing. That would result in developing the customer loyalty.

In the Digital Marketing cloud above mentioned methods gives the same outcomes and result. Therefore there can be some differences as well as similarities. Sometimes there is a fine line between some techniques and methods. Also, share common thermos and procedures. Therefore, the best thing is not to rely on one technique but to adopt all.