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Marketing tutorials

Marketing tutorials are designed to give you a broader knowledge about different marketing aspects. It is obvious that marketing is an evergrowing and a comprehensive subject. On top of that, it is a practical subject.These tutorials will help you to understand the theories and the practical background of different marketing concepts. With the vast development of technology, marketing has reached its next level. That is what we call Digital Marketing or Online Marketing. As a result, companies do both online and offline marketing campaigns to promote their products and brands. You can find information about both traditional and modern marketing strategies followed by companies through these resources.

Marketing Mix

Introduction to Marketing Mix Marketing has a long history since the beginning of trade. From the beginning, marketing has evolved into a huge subject with more practical and theoretical knowledge. Therefore marketing has become an essential practice in the business world as well as in our day to day life. All marketing activities start with… Read More »

Event Marketing

What Is Event Marketing Event Marketing is a very effective and a popular marketing communication strategy used by present marketers. It is the process of organizing events to achieve marketing objectives by gathering existing and potential customers to one place. With the expansion of Digital marketing, event marketing also takes place both online and offline… Read More »


What are advertisements? Advertisements are a common way of doing marketing communication and can be text, audio or visual. Advertisements can be defined as the communication of structured, composed and non-personal information about products, services, and brands through various channels. And they are persuasive in nature and attract customers and the target group to buy… Read More »

Marketing Communication

What is Marketing Communication? Marketing Communication (Marcom) is the process of using different communication channels and tools to communicate marketing information, facts and figures to target groups and desired parties. In communication, marketers use various communicational channels such as television, radio, printed media, billboards, opinion leaders, word of mouth, sponsorships and many other ways. This… Read More »

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software is supplementary software for business websites. In other words, these are a kind of digital marketing software. This software platforms have become an essential requirement of almost all the businesses. No matter the business is online or offline, you can find different types of marketing automation software suitable for your business. What… Read More »

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Technically, digital marketing is promoting and marketing products, services or brands through one or more forms of digital media. In other words marketing communication through digital tools. Today every individual and companies are involved with any kind of a digital marketing activity. Through this, companies try to attract, engage and convert… Read More »