What are Advertisements?

Advertisements are a common way of doing marketing communication and can be text, audio or visual. Advertisements can be defined as the communication of structured, composed and non-personal information about products, services, and brands through various channels. And they are persuasive in nature and attract customers and the target group to buy the products and services. On the other hand, they are used to communicate information and to remind consumers of brands and products.


Marketers can use different mediums such as digital media, printed media, broadcast media etc to advertising campaigns. Advertisements can be classified according to the target group, medium, purpose and geographic area. But basically, they are classified as Above the line Advertising (ATL), below the line Advertising (BTL) and through the line Advertising (TTL).

Types of Advertising

Above the line Advertising (ATL) – This is where mass media is used to do advertising and reach consumers. Television, radio, and internet come under mass media. ATL advertising focus to reach a wider range of consumers, not a specific group or individuals. That is why the use of mass media to pass their marketing messages.

Below the line Advertising (BTL) – Here marketers try to reach specific customer groups and individuals directly. Leaflets, banners, brochures, the point of sale displays, handbills, road shows, product demos etc are some of the mediums used in BTL campaigns.

Through the line Advertising (TTL) – This is an integrated advertising approach where marketers use both ATL and BTL advertising mediums to reach their customers and achieve marketing goals. It is better to use both ATL and BTL mediums in the promotional mix.

Some people say that visual Advertisements are dead. This happens mainly with the use of the remote controller of televisions. People tend to skip television Advertisements because nobody likes to watch them. This has become a big challenge for modern marketers.

Sponsors pay a lot to do advertising and there is a huge process behind making Advertisements. They are basically created in-house or outsourced to an advertising firm. Most companies tend to outsource their Advertising projects with Advertising firms. First, the expected message is designed by the marketers. Then that idea is developed and Advertisement is created by the advertising firm. All most all types of Advertisements are created in this manner. No matter visual, audio or text.

Advantages of Advertisements

  • Easy to introduce new products to the market
  • Make awareness and educate customers
  • Expands market share
  • Increase sales and supports traders
  • High competitive advantage
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Effectively reach the customers
  • Easy to communicate with a large audience